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Janet Clare

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Ebb And Flow Charm Pack


Ebb And Flow Dark Ocean


Ebb And Flow Mini Charm


Ebb And Flow Pearl


Ebb And Flow Sand


Ebb And Flow Texture Pearl


Geometry Archimedes


Geometry Pythagaras


Geometry Pythagaras


Origami Dot Pale Grey


Origami Jelly Roll


Origami Plum Blossom Indigo


Origami Plum Blossom Teal


The Blues Charm Pack


The Blues Crochet Billie


The Blues Crochet Tonal Billie


The Blues Josephine Duke


The Blues Josephine Duke Tan


The Blues Josephine Parker


The Blues Layer Cake


The Blues Mini Charm


The Blues Notes Tonal Billie


The Blues Stave Billie


The Blues Stave Billie Duke


The Blues Stave Duke


The Blues Stave Fitsgerald


The Blues Stave Parker


The Blues Waterfall Duke


The Blues Waterfall Parker


The Blues Woven Texture Duke


The Blues Woven Texture Fitsger


The Blues Woven Texture Parker


Wintertide Charm Pack


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